is a website designed to help you SAVE MONEY & TIME

Time and Money are precious to most of us, that's why I have put together this collection of web pages in the hope that I can help you to save a little of both. From car maintenance jobs that can save you many 100s sometimes 1000s of pounds to second hand books and DVDs saving you just a few pounds. I will also be researching and listing regular updates with the best phone and broadband deals I can find and even the best ways to get cheap holidays and weekend breaks.

Watch this space for more great money and time saving ideas

DIY Motorhome Solar Panel Fitting - SAVE £300 per 100 watt panel

To have a 100 watt solar panel professionally fitted to your motorhome will cost between £400 and £500 depending on who you choose to do the job. If you choose to do the job yourself it can be done for about £160 and a few hours work at most.

I have done this job myself and will be adding a detailed "how to guide" at a later date.

Parts required :- 100 watt Solar Panel £90, MPPT Solar panel controler £30, cables, fuses and connectors £15, make your own brackets £15 , adhesive £10

Replace Range Rover L322 Front Struts - SAVE £350 per strut

Replace Range Rover L322 Front Struts

This would cost roughly £500 per air strut at a main dealer. If you do it yourself the air strut can be purchased for about £150 and it will take about 90 minutes per side. Only 5 bolts to be undone, very simple job indeed.

I have done this job myself and will be adding a detailed "how to guide" at a later date.

Range Rover L322 Xenon Headlamp Failure - SAVE £660

Range Rover L322 Xenon Headlamp Failure

A new headlamp unit will cost about £700, even a second hand headlamp will be close to £300. You can purchase an aftermarket xenon headlamp ignitor on ebay for about £40 and do the job with 2 hours work stripping out your headlamp yourself.

I have done this job myself and will be adding a detailed "how to guide" at a later date.

Motorhome Leisure Batteries cheaper - SAVE £100 per battery

Substitute expensive deep discharge leisure batteries with quality second hand car starter batteries from a local scrap yard saving approximately £100 a battery

This saving is just a food for thought consideration as an alternative to expensive leisure batteries.

Modern car and lorry starter batteries are becoming more and more advanced meaning the need for specialised expensive leisure batteries becomes less important. This coupled with improved affordability of solar panels means huge banks of deep discharge batteries are required by fewer and fewer Motorhome users.

Scrapyards are full of perfectly serviceable used starter batteries that can be purchased for their scrap value of just a few pounds each.

Combining a good solar panel charging setup with a bank of quality "new generation" second hand starter batteries is a great way to save a huge amount of money on your motorhome
electricity requirements.

The link below has some very useful information about how battery technology has changed over recent years

I have done this battery upgrade myself and will be adding a detailed "how to guide" at a later date.

Range Rover L322 Air Suspension Compressor repair kit - SAVE £450

Over time the air compressor that is used to adjust the ride height of your Range Rover L322 becomes worn and becomes slower and slower to lift the car to the desired ride height, eventually it will show you an error, "AIR SUSP INACTIVE". This will most likely be due to worn components in the air compressor.

The "AIR SUSP INACTIVE" message automatically deactivates the Air compressor and you will need to get it reset at the Landrover main dealer, usually at a cost of about £75 plus VAT. The cost of a new comprosseor fitted by the main dealer is about £500. A compressor refurbishment kit with full instructions on how to do the job is about £25.

I have done this job myself, it is about two hours work and very easy to do.